Ambreen Azhar

Coming from Canada and having studied fashion designing at the RCC Institute of technology , Ambreen Azhar has created and brought her visions to life. Specializing in Eastern couture and implementing different cultural styles into her products has made her a well known fashion brand. She aims to create looks that are wearable in both Eastern and Western settings, while still making each of her suits unique, and fit to meet every person’s needs. The satisfaction of her clients and making their visions come true has become her utmost priority, and her passion to do so has paved her way to success. Growing up in Pakistan, traveling the world, and having spent many years of her life in Canada, as well as Kuwait, gave her the privilege of understanding and combining different aspects of eastern clothing. She incorporates North American, Arabic, and Pakistani trends into her unique clothing lines, thus making a name for herself in the Eastern wear community very quickly. Ambreen has showcased her designs in various fashion shows and exhibitions across the US, Canada, Pakistan, and Kuwait. From the incredible feedback she has received over the years, she wishes to expand her brand and seek cultural influences from all over the world. Ambreen Azhar’s designs are available at different locations, and she is reachable for personal orders as well.