Antonio Chavez

Designer & Inventor of fashion products has redefined
what we know about Women’s Fashion. Born & raised
from a small village in Guatemala, with nothing but his
wits, passion, and ambitions to drive him toward a brighter
future. It wasn't until the year 2011, that he began tinkering
with his various ideas in his head, creating new products
the world has not seen before.

And by 2013, he delved deeply into the modern fashion
world, creating the first ever, Transformable Heel for
women. Since then, his passion and ambitions grew,
which has led him to the center of the Fashion Industry,
inspiring & motivating him to create wearable art couture
dresses that will reshape the fashion industry as we know

For two years, he has traveled the world looking for
the perfect group of artistans to craft the most elegant,
avant-garde, and beautifully designed women’s
couture that will thrust the Fashion Industry into a new era.

Antonio’s keen sense of elegant design and his artistic
mind, has led him to creating one of the most sought
after women’s couture collections in the world.

His newest Women’s Couture Collection is
inspired by his fascination of Ancient Rome, and the
historical power and dominion that the emperors and
queens of Rome possessed. The collection follows
a thematic approach to Ancient Roman Culture, but
with a deep modern twist that brings Ancient Roman
style into the modern world.

The Chavez Wearable Art Couture collection represents
a marvel of fashion design ingenuity, elegance, and beauty.