'Cara' by Imran Ikhlaq and Mustafa Shakil is  in the fusion couture of today's fashion world. The word 'Cara' origins from Latin and Irish meaning 'Beloved' in Latin and 'Friend' in Irish. 'Cara', the blooming brand combines both these meanings and means 'Beloved Friend'.

Cara infuses a timeless, majestic and charismatic classicism seeking to construct a tender refuge and escaping from vagaries of the world. Cara languidly crosses time & space abandoning oneself to the elitist elegance seeking rare pieces and unique objects from elsewhere. A wide vibrant color therapy from Cara offers to remove all depression, stress & worries and composes a dream of unique and authentic existence.

Cara celebrates generosity, richness and pragmatism and desires to seek graceful and eclectic sensuality. Cara's custom-made and ready-to-wear lines are extremely fine and impressive couture collection. Pure focus on the cut, color, drape and feel of the garment makes Cara one of a kind specialty in today's couture industry. Each creation of Cara is gently handcrafted to perfection and care with meticulous attention in detail. Cara represents charisma, confidence, reliability, elegance, sensuality and timelessness.

Cara participated in various fashion shows domestic and internationally and appreciated by the fashion lovers. Cara also had the opportunity to introduce the sports personal mainly the cricketers to showcase the fabulous bridal’s designs in the bridal couture week Karachi and Lahore hosted b HUM TV only fashion channel of Pakistan. Internationally Cara participated in London Manchester (UK) and Toronto Fashion weeks.