Hina Raza fashion house is an emerging brand in the Pakistan fashion and apparel industry. Transforming a name into a brand to reckon which has been a challenging endeavor. However, this uphill journey has finally reached its pinnacle and Hina Raza fashion house is today one of Pakistan’s most famous fashion brands. Just 6 years old and already the Hina Raza  brand tag can be found in the wardrobe of any fashion conscious lady across the country and soon the world.

The Hina Raza fashion house has a fully functional stitching department as well as a design department. Both these departmensts are capable of working in sync with each other as well as being independent under the experienced stewardship of Miss Hina Raza. Both these departments have their own respective heads and their highly skilled creative teams.

Besides creating master piece for their own brand, Hina Raza fashion house has expanded its stitching unit by diversifying itself to cater to the creative needs of other local brands as well. Recently SKS pvt.ltd. and Hina Raza Fashion House completed a major fashion consignment for Bareeze (a well known fashion brand in Pakistan). It’s an honor for us to receive an appreciation letter from SKS pvt.ltd. on timely delivery and quality control.

But for a fashion scene as saturated as Pakistan, a lot goes into the market and publicity of Hina Raza fashion house.

 So far appearing in known publications like;

  • Sunday times
  • Daily times
  • Gt magazine
  • Dunya news
  • City 42.

The CEO – Miss Hina Raza – has become a known face in the fashion circles not just because of her highly exquisite designs and detailing, but also for being a lively and knowledgeable guest on various fashion related TV shows on numerous channels. Our latest achievement being that Hina Raza fashion house has been selected officially to participate in bridal couture week 2016. This undoubtedly signifies the growing confidence of the fashion industry in the Hina Raza name.