Ahmad Bilal remained true to his reputation for delicate feminine clothing. The label delivers what women want. He expresses himself in terms of fusion. Global influences along with the traditional go to make options he has created for women with an individualistic style.

A graduate in textile design. Establish in 2005 in a short spam of 10 years, Ahmad Bilal has created a fashion revolution with his exquisite designing and chic image which shows in all his lines R2W(Ready to wear), Formal, Western to Bridals.

Ahmad Bilal is a name synonymous with elegance glamour and luxury for a decade.Ahmad Bilal’s women truly shines when she wear sheer, airy dresses in chiffon, Satin and silks with ruffles aplenty, Lace trim and sweet beaded work.

Ahmad Bilal collection is available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, India, U.S.A, Canada and London United Kingdom.